When You Walk Down The Main Street At Fort Morgan Colorado

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When you walk down the Main Street in Fort Morgan Colorado, a small farming town, you will see signs that say there are no bikes allowed on the sidewalk. A part of me believes they were put up in honor of me. As a 7-year-old in first grade, my worst enemy was the police officer who walked down the street giving tickets to cars who overstayed their welcome. In the summers, I would spend hours riding up and down the sidewalks and going into stores and looking around. I did that so much growing up that the owners of the stores who are still present today know who I am. When I was in first grade my parents bought a local shop on Main street whose owners were retiring to Florida. As a first grader, I did not know the impact that would have on my life. I do not think my parents realized how life changing that decision would become. A normal childhood was not in the picture for me I soon realized as I hopped off my bike every time I saw the police officer walking down the sidewalk so he would not give me another warning… on top of the countless others, he had given me before. When I wasn’t out riding my bike I was stuck inside working with my mom. From an early age I learned the ropes of how to interact with costumers and by the third grade, I thought of myself as pretty business savvy as it got for a third grader at least. The third graders in my school had a system where we would earn fake money that could be taken away if we broke any rules. At the end of the school year,

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