When You Want To Work For A Particular Job The Best Thing

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When you want to work for a particular job the best thing you can do is shadow somebody that is working in that field. Obviously you 're going to want to follow somebody that is the best in the field so you can follow in their footsteps. When following somebody makes sure you do your research on them thoroughly so you 're not surprised like I was. The person I was shadowing was Bigbucks Ben; he was supposedly the best in the business and won all his cases. From the outside looking in he looks like the top-notch person that you want to follow so you can be just as good as him, maybe even better. Little did we know that he was breaking his judges in order to win some of his cases? He would do that to the cases that he knew he wasn 't going…show more content…
There will be a second trial with different judges and representatives to prove their case. The downfalls of this will be all the cases that he actually did win fairly would be looked at as if he committed bribery on them as well. Since he would be in trial they would look at every case that he was involved in and have to take them back to trial and see if he really won them fair and square. Which means that they would have to re-open every case, and it would cost people a lot of money and time when we really don’t know how many cases he really tampered with? Another alternative would be anonymously telling the FBI that he committed bribery so it doesn 't come back to you. The positives in this scenario would be that it wouldn 't come back to you and you wouldn 't get blamed for reporting your boss. When people find out you were the one that told on your boss it makes people not want to work with you because they feel like you 're going to be a whistleblower. The negatives would be that there 's a possibility that the case won 't stick until somebody actually comes forward and says he is the one that committed these games. You never really know with cases like this how it 's going to affect you in the long run. So you got to think should you do what is right, or should you do what is best for you in the situation. Many people live do what is best for them because they 're scared of the
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