When You’Re At A Family Gathering, Do You Sometimes Feel

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When you’re at a family gathering, do you sometimes feel like you are disconnected or uncomfortable because you don’t get along with your family? Think of a time in your life where you had a good relaxing day with your family. If you couldn’t think of anything, that is okay because you are not alone. According to a poll of 2,000 parents conducted by Virgin Holidays and Universal Orlando Resort, they found that “families spend about 36 minutes per weekday together” (Denee, realtruth.org). In general, the term family means a group consisting of parents and children living under a household, in which the idea of that can sound alarming to some people who aren’t close with their families. This is when they turn to their friends to find their…show more content…
According to Census 2010 figures, “31% (more than 41,000 same-sex couples) are raising biological, step, or adopted children under age 18”(Gates, the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law). Even so, there has been a decrease in the amount of children going into foster care, but sadly enough only a few are adopted. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, around 800,000 children were served and only 50,000 were adopted in 2006, yet in 2015, around 617,000 children were served, but only 53,000 were adopted. In some cases, families have been devastatingly broken up from incarceration of a family member or the aftermath of a divorce between two parents, which was how my biological family ended up. Before my parents got divorced, everyone in my household was connected with each other but also dealing with our clashes of personalities. We always ate dinner together and went to church every Sunday (I was forced into Catholicism, and later confirmed but haven’t looked back since). My siblings and I got into plenty of arguments and fights, but at the end of the day we all loved each other and would’ve done anything for each other; well except for my toddler self. During the summer before 6th grade, my parents got divorced and that really took a toll on my well-being. My dad moved out of the house and, nothing was the same since. Since my dad was our family’s main
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