When Your Practice Routines Are Interrupted

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1. When your practice routines are interrupted, how does your thinking help you adapt?
I am almost always able to adjust quickly to changes that may interrupt my routines. Life is unexpected and although I plan for the best I always prepare myself for the worst, that way I always have a backup plan that helps me adjust easily.
2. How much of your mind is open to change and how much is closed?
Majority of my mind is open to change. I think deeply through the situation and always weigh out my options by looking at the pros and cons of the situation that will help me make a reasonable decision. However, once I weigh out the pros and cons my mind is pretty much set and nothing will change it especially when it comes to my children.
3. What has to occur for you to change your mind about something important?
I will only reconsider my position on a particular situation based upon the knowledge I have on that issue, facts or important information that will deter me away from my original decision.
1. What is your motivation for questioning information provided by an authoritative source, such as a person, an article, or a book?
My motivation for questioning information provided by an authoritative source is to clarify and explore all other options besides that particular source. When the information provided is inconsistent with my values and principles, I will have to question it and be determined to learn more.
2. On a continuum from extremely…
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