When a Good Man Goes to War

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“Demons run when a good man goes to war”- Steven Moffat

“Demons run when a good man goes to war.”It is incredibly hard to get a genuinely nice person to become mad. It is even harder to get a genuinely nice person to act on their anger. If you managed to do that, I salute you. Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back. “Why?” you may ask,well it’s because you, in all of your supreme ignorance, managed to ruin a completely likeable person. So, that pat on the back is not for accomplishment, my friend, it’s for good luck because that charming person will eventually come back to exact their revenge, and best believe that they will have a delightful time in being involved with your demise. You, drowning in your ignorance, completely forgot that the slinkiest, shadiest people are the nice ones, and when you get a nice person on their bad side, well, you have my prayers.
“Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war.” Children, in particular, are especially hard to go to war with. In the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild, young, innocent Hushpuppy realises the hardships of living in the seemingly uninhabitable Isle de Charles Doucet. When she accidentally released the Aurochs, the beasts who were supposed to destroy all of humankind she was at first, scared. Although, throughout her adventures in the movie, she realizes that she can’t sit down and let life go by with people abusing and misusing you. She confronts the Aurochs, and with her tremendous…
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