When a Man Loves a Woman

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Name: Date: August 1, 2006
Course/Level/Section: BSN IV- H1 Adviser: Mrs. Theorose Bustillo
Reaction Paper
“The Notebook”

At first, when the movie showed the past details of the characters, it was boring. You cannot appreciate the movie if you don’t reach the end part. It portrayed an old man whose love to her wife is measured till eternity. Love was a never ending journey. Loving her wife is part of his life. As long as his heart is still beating, love still survives. To his last breath, he still shared his love to her wife. The setting of the film was also an old and classical feature. It showed a typical place of people wearing dress and cars whose designs are present in our museums. The wife at
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She then saw a picture of a house for sale with the guy selling it. He felt shocked and collapsed after she saw the picture. Because of that incident, the wedding was postponed. She then asked for time and space to his future husband for settling things first. She went back to the guy that she first fell in love with. They met with each other. They have their first impressions. These impressions involved love and faith that it can still work put. Then came the dilemma. The girl was confused on who to choose. The guy whom she first shared her love that only her parents are the reason why they separated or the guy who helped her coped from her emotional problem then later developed loved. He picked the first guy. And at the end, she never had regrets. When they aged with their lives, the wife suffered from a chronic mental disorder whose clinical description is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is characterize by a continuous loss of memory both the short and the long term memory. It progresses until the person dies. Good for the wife because she wrote her memories with his husband on a diary. The diary where composed of past moments that they have shared with each other when they where still young. With this diary, the husband continues to read it, hoping that he can help cure her wife from the disease. She reads the diary day by day having the same content. Sad to say, there is no treatment to this kind of disease. The wife cannot
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