When the King Took Flight Essay

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When The King Took Flight There are many events that happened in history that makes the world how it is today. Many people don’t realize that society has changed dramatically from the 17th century to now. In those days they dealt with a different type of government system, (monarchy) in which the king is in control of the government. Some kings are great in which they run their country well and have the respect of those around them and beneath them in society, and you also have those who don’t have the respect or the authority to the people. Everyone has their own morals, and what they believe is right and who is to say that Louis XVI was wrong for attempting to flee France. Sometimes people are put into situations where they…show more content…
Everything seemed as if it would work with Maria Antoinette doing the planning by making sure every contact was in place at each stop and her close friend Ferdens helping out, but Louis worst characteristic kept coming into play, his indecisiveness. I believe Louis is to blame for the nature of the Revolution in the sense of his indecisiveness people drew themselves away from him and his reputation began to diminish by that. I don’t think it was the revolutionary’s intent to overthrow the monarchy, but when public opinion began to grow that Louis isn’t fit to be king the idea spread. When the king did turn up missing I think it’s fair to say that it was the first time in which the 3rd estate showed feelings publicly how they resented a king and aristocrats. I think that originally revolutionaries planned on keeping a monarchy intact but they wanted equal rights and to limit the kings some. It wasn’t until he and the queen fled where they idea of getting rid of a monarchy altogether came into play. After reading this book I understand a lot more about the French Revolution. Most of the problems that occurred dealt with the idea of change. Some people like things the way they are, some are afraid of change, and others would like to see something new. Louis XVI wanted things the way they were and be treated as a king is supposed to be treated, and
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