When the Levees broke rhetorical analysis

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Max Massimo
Professor Gwaltney
English 1102
18 March 2014
When the Levees Broke Rhetorical Analysis On August 25th at six thirty P.M, one of the most devastating natural disasters the U.S had ever seen touched ground in Florida. Hurricane Katrina was a category five hurricane that had made its way to New Orleans by August 29th. This storm was so destructive that not only did it leave a mark in the gulf coast, but it put the whole country into complete turmoil. Spike Lee was one of the first people to try to start a movement and show the country what really happened during this brutal storm. In the film When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee does a fantastic job at using the people of New Orleans to back up his argument that the United
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The second part of his argument was that the government did not provide sufficient aid for those in need during the floods. This part of the argument is much more controversial because race gets tied into it. Since Spike Lee is a proud African American he focused on the African population in New Orleans. One example of the race issue is when Kanye West announced on national television that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. Lee does a good job at incorporating celebrities in the film to back up his argument. The slow and inadequate response to Katrina is blamed on the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In the interviews multiple towns’ people expressed their anger towards FEMA due to their lack of supplies, small amounts of shelter, and their slow response times. One of the most criticized facts is that the firefighters who volunteered to help were forced to take a two day training course over sexual harassment. When making a statement on the current disaster at the time, Colorado Governor Bill Owens said, “Every one of those government levels could have done better.” The fact that someone that is a government official made a statement like that is almost sickening. Owens expressed in sheer disappointment that he knew that the government was capable
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