Essay about When will child labor cease to exist?

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When will child labor cease to exist?

Child labor is and has always been a difficult problem to address. In the global market system which exists today, the problem has become that much more difficult. Now more than ever before, markets are interdependent, and the regulation and governance of them is a convoluted process to say the least. The regulatory structure is not intact; no one knows who will regulate such issues, internationally and locally, governmentally, and in the private sector. Also, current economic practice makes it difficult to in one broad stroke ban the practice of child labor, for fear of eliminating the nation’s area of comparative advantage, cheap labor. Not only is the problem of child labor one of economics,
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The point raised however is that there is a distinction in child labor that can be made.

Approximately 250 million children world wide are engaged in some form of child labor, with a great majority of over thirty percent being in Africa and Asia. Figures indicate that over 170 million of these children work in hazardous conditions, such as mines or factories, or conditions where hazardous materials are handled. Other children are forced into slavery, prostitution rings, or forced into military service, yet UNICEF states that over seventy percent of child laborers work in the agricultural sector, and that the practice of child labor is mostly prevalent in undeveloped countries, with only two million child laborers found in fully industrialized or developing countries.
These statistics give us an economic demographic for our study; mainly poor undeveloped nations where it may or may not be necessary for the child to earn a wage for the entire family to survive. The question then arises, what are the most effective methods of reducing child labor in these sectors and nations? There are options available. First Intra national methods. One of these intra national methods for reducing child labor on a state level is mandating a compulsory education for young children, setting up organizations which can help children, and another method is introducing legislation against child labor, such as was done in the United States in the late

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