Where Am I Eat Analysis

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Have you ever wondered about the journey of savory fruit take to sit in an American kitchen? Do you wonder how difficult it is to harvest coffee beans for daily cup of Starbucks coffee? Ranging from the Starbucks coffee beans in the land of Colombia to the intensified scuba diving ventures for live lobsters in Nicaragua, who really obtains our food? Where Am I Eating, by Kelsey Timmerman, relays exclusive field observations to readers, supplies critical interviews, and attempts to a mimic day in the life of these workers to answer these questions. Pesticides and genetically modified has unknowingly become part of a worldwide consumption trend. Beyond pesticide planes flying over banana worker’s heads to EMO seeds only being available for farmers, the author reveals how much the workers of these products are affected. With convenience and luxury for consumers comes the oppressed truth about the lives of the impoverished workers. Company websites contain descriptions of…show more content…
A author asked what Americans should know about the Colombian farmers, a response was, “Kelsey, please tell people that I come from a country where we work hard to give them the best quality of coffee we can give. We are honest. Tell them I have my health and my son and my family. (55) Workers in the Ivory Coast plead, “If we expect him [a son] to have a chance and not struggle as hard as his father an his grandfather and his great grandfather, we need to start valuing this generation of cocoa farmers as we value the fruits of their labor.” (117) This tactic worked because a majority of readers because readers can relate to. Finding out the truth about workers, their similar goals for their families as Americans, and their constant yearning for a better life is a huge factor that Timmerman successfully conveys. It is a main focal point within this part quarter of the book’s
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