Where Am I Now?

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• EQ #1: Where am I now? In many education systems, there are always some commonalities- regardless of the politics within that particular school setting. One significant commonality is through the grading system. The idea of assessing a student based on their value of knowledge and comprehension has been gradually overshadowed by the point values in general. We are teaching in a world today where students are more concerned with the amount of credit they are receiving for an assessment rather than the information they are learning and obtaining from the course material and how this new set of knowledge can be applied in their everyday life. Teaching seniors in high school, I want my students to understand that life is not always going to be based on a “point system.” Life will assess them, not in points, but in how they are able to utilize newfound knowledge, previous knowledge, and past experiences into their everyday existence. In my personal opinion, assessing my students means gauging the knowledge they have taken from my class by a series of checkpoints. They are graded based upon their level of expertise on the material at hand. Yet, because they may receive a 75% on assessment, that doesn’t mean they only know ¾ of the material. For my standards, that meant they weren’t experts on the material- not necessarily that they didn’t know some of it. When students are not 100% experts on the content in my course, this is where feedback comes into play. The purpose of

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