Where And How Do I Start?

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Where and how do I start? What setting do I begin with? What complication do I begin with? Let 's start at the point where life really hit hard. At the age of eight, I was a third grader and was facing some issues about bullying; I was teased, laughed at, and treated unfairly.

I never told my parents about it because I thought it would go away eventually, but it didn 't. So my only option was to tell them, I finally told them and they were very upset with the school to the point where they made a conference with the vice principal, my parents and I. We reviewed the issue, and I told my side of the story. After I said, what had been bothering me, the vice principal made me review a book with all Washington Elementary Students so I could tell them who I recognized that was mistreating me. We went through the complete book, I sort of knew who the bullies were but I was very frightened of the karma I would receive for being a snitch, so I said, "I don 't remember their faces." That same day my mother worried and stressed out about the conflicting issues that I was having at school and didn 't want to resolve. Which eventually concluded in her visiting my school and supervising me the day, she saw no bullying when she was there, however, that was only because they weren’t going to do anything when an adult was on campus. She was planning on going again. However, I told her not to because I was sort of embarrassed she was overweight and I didn’t want to get teased more because…

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