Where Are Heroes Found? ( An Analysis Of Where Are Heroes Found?

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Where are Heroes Found?
(An Analysis of why Dr. Frankenstein was not a hero) Are the bad deeds of those on society the fault of their creator or themselves? The book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley caused a considerable amount of controversy in the early 1800s. Those with a strong religious stand point in life thought of the book as very dangerous because of how the book defies the “rules” of God. Dr. Frankenstein created a monster and names it Monster. The Monster then causes great disruption in the town and eventually kills the man that created him. Throughout the novel Frankenstein there are multiple examples of why Dr. Frankenstein is not a hero; such as defying the laws of religion, abandoning his creation, and creating something that would harm those around him. Christian religion is a very popular religion in today’s society, but it was also very popular in early 1800s. Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein it caused many religious to think of the book as dangerous. Along with that subject the actions of Dr. Frankenstein go against the typical way to create a human life. Such the creation of a human life, not through the natural way of birth from God. Everything performed in the novel goes against what Christians think and this is one of the main reasons that Frankenstein is not a hero. I have a very strong belief in the Christian religion and do not believe that the actions of Dr. Frankenstein were correct in any way. Throughout the novel there are many examples
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