Essay on Where Are Women's Rights?

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Where are Women Rights? Did not God create everyone equal and gave them his or her rights? Did God ever say that people should treat every human differently based on his or her gender? Who does not know about gender discrimination? Gender Discrimination, which is also called sex discrimination, was gone in the twentieth century right! This is not true. Gender discrimination still exists today around the world in many countries including the United States. Women are being discriminated directly or indirectly. Many women also face the violence related to discrimination. They are being tortured at every minute. Even though Some Countries have ruled gender discrimination illegal, it still exists in many countries where women and girls are…show more content…
What was her fault? She only wanted to get an education, so she could choose her career. Even though it is not happening in United States, Discrimination in education in other countries is at higher levels. In United States, there is other type of discrimination happening against women in workplaces. It does not happen in the United States alone, but also happens around the world. In addition to discrimination in education, women face discrimination in jobs around the world including the United States. Women are not paid same as men in America. Women working in the same fields as men will not get the same amount of money as men. Research illustrates that there is twenty percent gap between men and women’s income in the United Sates, where there is eighteen percent gap between them worldwide. Some women are not hired in companies. Aamer Madhani writes in USA Today that the White House in recent weeks has repeatedly highlighted government data that indicates women earn seventy-seven cents for every dollar in wages paid to men (USA 1). It is a Law in the United States to provide everyone equal opportunities, but it does not seem happening. Nobody follows the laws. Even though, women complain about it, nobody listens to them. It is not fair that women are not paid equally; either, businesses should pay them same amount, as men, or government should interfere in companies who
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