Where Are You Going To Be Unfriendly

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This will probably be hard to understand because there's going to be a lot of grammar mistakes and you'll probably read a quarter of it and skim through the rest and dismiss it like it never happened. I would of liked to say this in person but you're too much of an asshole and wouldn't listen and with it in writing you won't make up lies and distort what I say. This is going to be your last warning to really change the way to talk to your family and how you act around us. I'm tired of your shit and I speak for more then myself when I say that, and I know what you're probably thinking when you read this.. you think this is some exaggeration or I'm seeing it wrong or because I'm not here that much anymore so I don't see everything that's going on But you couldn't be any more wrong. You're a jerk, unfriendly, have no empathy for others, impossible to talk to and have a conversation because your extremely hostile, and frankly just…show more content…
Go see them, go for your run you always like to talk about and stop there to talk. Offer her help once a week. We all know you work but you can't take 20 minutes out of your day to talk to her? Ask her how her day is going? Just a normal conversation? Sure it may seem meaningless to you but to her it's not. Right now you're just a horrible person and you're head is so far up your ass you probably won't take in a word I say. I told you before to change the way you treated nana and you didn't. This is a serious problem to me and if you don't change how you act towards her then my attitude towards YOU and only YOU. not mom because I can tell that mom is really trying and that shows she listened and willing to work with me to have a better relationship. You on the other hand have not I don't care what excuses you come up with because that's all they are. Excuses. Own up to your shit and fix it or you will end up very unhappy and you know what? No one will care because you didn't care about
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