Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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Arnold Friend, a main character founded in the short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, is often a debated by many readers to be a demon, a crazed stalker and maniac, or in fact Lucifer himself. After reading the short story and analyzing the details of the characters, Arnold Friend really stands out and leaves many unanswered questions on what the author was intending to do with this particular character in identifying who he really is. After thoroughly analyzing the character, Arnold Friend, throughout the story, it is unclear to say that he is a human, yet it is much clearer to indicate that he is a demon, the Devil, or a figment of Connie’s imagination as her deepest desires coming to life. Arnold is introduced in the beginning of the story when Connie is out with her friends and starts talking to Eddie, a boy she meets at a restaurant. As Connie leaves with Eddie, she turns and notices Arnold staring at her with a wide grin laughing and saying, “gonna get you baby”, as he wags his finger (1098). All of this is done without Eddie noticing, perhaps indicating that Arnold Friend may be an illusion or not real. Arnold’s first appearance in the story clearly foreshadows that we haven’t seen the last of Arnold Friend in this story and he is out to get Connie due to the way she represents herself as a sexually open girl. Not too long after Arnolds first encounter with Connie, Arnold arrives at Connie’s house in his golden convertible, but
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