Essay about "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"

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Life is a path of accomplishments and achievements as well as distress and confrontations. It has its own ups and downs. But every human being lives it and has to live it as there is no other option. What we learn as we age making right choices and using the support that we have around, like our parents, grandparents, and friends makes us who we are. In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, Connie is a typical human being who has to deal with all the situations that come in her life. Situations like dealing with people whom she has never met and if gone out of hands, controlling the situation using intelligent methods. Even though Connie a normal teenager, who loved her friends, went to school, and enjoyed …show more content…
Her family probably taught her how to deal with strangers, when they are right on ones doorstep. Usually when kids are in the learning process, they learn a lot of things and this stranger situation is just one of the tactics they learnt. So why did she not use those emergency steps when Arnold Friend was right there? It was obvious that he was a complete stranger. If someone strange pulls up on ones driveway, one would not open the door at all. I know that I never would because I am very concerned about my life. So Connie should have not opened the door and let Arnold stand there for a couple of minutes, and he himself would have left if she wouldn’t have opened the door for him. Here, Oates focus was basically telling the audience that Connie opened the door for a stranger which could have been avoided and instead Connie was nice to him instead of being rude.
Moreover, when the situation arrived that Arnold, who was a stranger, was at her doorstep, and even though she knew that trouble was lurking, she opened her door, and this was a huge mistake. She should have not opened the door at all when she knew that a stranger was at the door. The screen door is still unsafe; she just should not have opened the main door and should have stayed in her house and immediately called 911. Also, she could have just predicted the situation before that it could bring misfortune in her life. If she would have known that this would cost her,
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