Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates

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In Joyce Carol Oates “Where are you going, where have you been?” introduces us to Connie a self-absorbed, rebellious, and very naïve fifteen year old who is tossed into this world of sexuality, and adulthood she believes she knows all about. As Oates explains about Connie to us we get introduced to what influences her to act out and not care what others think and go about dealing with problems herself. Her mom is brought in as an over protective mother who wants to see her daughter succeed but doesn’t go about it the right way she uses the lines “stop gawking at yourself!” to tell us how Connie only cares about her looks and the way she dresses. She even brings in the involvement of her sister and her she lives under her shadow. June is twenty four and works as a secretary at her high school and she had to hear everything June did right while she was usually having trashy daydreams. “She was plain, chunky and steady” as oates described in her story, but Connie got to go out a lot since she hung with her girlfriends. While we learn more and more we believe Connie is going to end up in a ditch dead by the end of the story until she is put in a scenario where she transforms into a character where she has to use her brains to survive and get out of a bad situation. Our Story of Connie’s growth begin in mid-summer, her best friend’s father dropped them off at the shopping plaza all day and didn’t have to worry about them bugging him anymore. They usually went across a highway to
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