Where Are Your Parents? Essay

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Not Another Sorry “Where are your parents?” is a question I hear a lot. Over the years this answer has changed. At first the answer is easy. “Mommy is at work and Daddy is driving.” As I got older the answer got changed to “My grandparents are at home.” This simple statement prompts the question of why my grandparents are raising me. The answer to this isn’t so simple. It started with my mother not being a fit parent. My dad’s income was truck driving. He couldn’t very well take care of the four of us, while he did that. This was a temporary solution, that became a permanent one only a year into my dad figuring out a real solution. There are certain details that glue to your brain about some events. The first time your fall off your bike, your first kiss, the first time you get caught smoking pot. I remember very little of my childhood. I know from stories that is wasn’t a good one. I know from the gripping panic I wake up to after a bad dream, that I can’t ever remember, it’s probably a blessing I don’t. One of the things I can clearly remember happened on May 10, 2002. It was a Friday. I walked home from school to our two story adobe house. The house was tan, with red trim and it was huge. I could hear our over excited German shepherded fighting our chain linked fence to see who had approached the house. The neighborhood cats climbed over all the rust colored patio furniture. Some even came to greet me as I attempted to unlock the door. My grandmother had taken to
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