Where Are the Light Switches? Essay

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The task before Dad, Deb, and me was to gather the essentials necessary to scratch out an acceptable existence in this hostile Comfort Island environment. One more night as a family at the Maple Crest and then we’d move to our respective residences. I realized, as did Dad and Deb, that we had important preparations to make. We needed to get kerosene for the oil lamps, gas for the water pump and ice for the icebox. The prospect of using the coal stove anytime soon was not a serious concern.
Dad had made a list and after he returned from taking the plumber back to shore, we scouted around to see what we had and what we still needed. We conducted our search together. In the storage room beyond the kitchen I spotted two tongs that resembled a
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The hand-operated bilge pump had become as important to the operation of the Buzz as the gearshift or the tiller. The wood bottom was in worse shape than the motor. I put on a rain slicker and walked over to the dock early to pump the water out so we could get going sooner rather than later. It routinely took me fifteen minutes each morning to complete the task. Dad and Deb arrived at the dock just before I finished pumping. Dad warmed up the engine then he piloted the boat to Rogers Marina, which was around the corner from Otter Creek and Wilford’s on our right as we entered the upper bay. The gas dock was crowded when we arrived. We left the boat on a side dock so they could fix the light when they had a lull.
“Let’s go to the Cheese Paris for brunch so we can eat and get out of this rain.” Deb said. Dad preferred the Homestead where he could have an adult beverage with lunch, but we all realized that this was a work day and there wasn’t time to dawdle. When we finished eating, Dad and I walked across the street to Collins & Kellett Hardware while Deb took sandwich orders for the three of us, and she proceeded to Cavallario’s Market & Deli to have our sandwiches made. Deb also picked up cereal, milk and orange juice as survival rations for the next morning. At the hardware, Dad purchased a gas can and a dispenser for kerosene, which they filled there. I carried the
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