Where Did Blacksmithing Get Its Name?

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(According to austenknapman), the term Blacksmithing originated from when the iron was heated it would turn black while the term smith came from the word smite, which means to hit.(Where Did Blacksmithing Get Its Name? (And Other Facts You Didn't Know).(n.d.).) Blacksmithing can be considered one of the oldest crafts out there, which began most likely in the iron age when primitive man first began making tools from iron. My thesis is that Blacksmithing was a well-respected task and was very much needed back in ye olden times.

I chose Blacksmithing as my topic, but, at first, I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought and thought, but I couldn't come up with anything, until one day I was cleaning around my dad's forge and then I
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Old iron smelting places used something called bloomeries. These odd furnaces looked like beehives with an opening in the side and top. They filled these bloomeries with charcoal and iron ore. They would then pump air into the bloomeries using bellows. They'd then take the blooms of iron and strike them on an anvil over and over.They would continue to do it until the impurities were gone. This finished product was called wrought Iron. (Blacksmithing History 1. (n.d.).)

(According to down’n’dirty Blacksmithing/Blacksmithing techniques) There are many different techniques the blacksmith uses. There is cleansing, forging, punching, drawing, bending, and so many more. cleansing is where one uses a wire brush, and other cleansing tools to clean the metal. Forging is where you strike hard and fast to straighten the metal. Punching is where you put a hole or cut off a part of the metal. Drawing makes the work thinner, but longer or wider. Bending is where you bend the metal in anyway you want.(Down'n'dirty Blacksmithing/Blacksmithing Techniques. (n.d.).) conclusion: The modern day blacksmith has become a somewhat automated. Blacksmiths now sometimes use machines to craft what he/she needs and the task is a lot simpler than it was back then. Blacksmithing is not as big as it was back then. Nowadays we have factories to make the tools we need
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