Where Did Charles Murrays' Logic Go?

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Where did Charles Murrays’ Logic Go?
In the article by Charles Murray, “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, Murray raises interesting and controversial topics. Murray is suggesting that maybe school counselors should not encourage every student to attend a four year university for their B.A.. Instead that they should only encourage those students that are in the correct percentile in linguistics and that their career goals require them to do so. Murray also, believes that a student should not try to acquire a B.A. based on economic grounds, but that they should go with what they really want to do instead. He also believes that children should receive all their core knowledge in their K-8th grade years. Although I agree with Charles
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Charles Murray touches on many controversial subjects throughout this article such as online courses where he comments that “…, the quality of student-teacher interactions in a virtual classroom competes with the interactions in a brick-and-mortar classroom” (232) and that “… the technology is still in its early stages of development and the rate of improvement is breath taking” (232). I must say that there is some truth to what he says to a point, but when he says “Whatever technical limitations might lead you to say, “Yes, but it’s still not the same as being there in the classroom,” are probably within a few years of being outdated” (232-233), I completely disagree with this view because not everyone performs well on a p.c. and needs a face-to-face learning environment. So the old “brick-and-mortar” (232), as Murray likes to call it, in my opinion will never be outdated. Another important subject is the use of the B.A. degree by employers as a “…no-cost (for them) screening device for academic ability and perseverance” (233). I mean really come on, I don’t think that it is to difficult to measure someone’s intelligence and job morals through the interviewing process and the many other selection protocols that many employers have in place. Murray also points out that “Employers do not even interview applicants who do not hold a B.A. Even
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