Where Did Fireworks Come From And How Are They Made?

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With this year’s upcoming Fourth of July celebrations promising scores of loud, expansive, brightly-colored fireworks displays, it becomes seemingly impossible to not ask oneself the questions; where did fireworks come from, and how are they made? As long as I can remember there have been firework shows in each city across the country to celebrate the Fourth of July with reds, greens, and yellow explosions dotting the night sky as far as the eye can see. Although we can’t remember a time without them, fireworks have not been around forever, but they have been used for a very long time. Most historians assert that the Chinese were the first to discover fireworks in around 200 BC. Many think that the first firecrackers came in the form of bamboo pieces with air pockets sheltered in the woody stalk, which exploded when heated to produced a booming sound. Then, with the invention of gunpowder in China years later, the first firecracker was born when gunpowder was stuffed into these bamboo pieces in order to create a larger…show more content…
To begin, a fuse is lit on a firework that eventually reaches metals inside a firework, providing heat to the metals. This heat causes the electrons of the metals in the firework to become excited, meaning that they gain energy and move up to a higher, unstable energy level. Because this higher level is unstable, the electrons soon fall back down to their initial energy level and release energy in the form of light as they do. This light is what we can see when fireworks are lit, but the color depends on the amount of energy released. Higher energy releasing metals like Copper (I) chloride and Strontium copper compounds yield blues and purples, while lower energy releasing metals like lithium carbonate, strontium carbonate, and calcium salts yield reds and oranges. Greens and yellow result when median energy releasing metals like sodium compounds and barium compound are

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