Where Did Jackie Go Wrong?

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Where did Jackie go wrong? Apparently, a couple of the paraprofessionals were older and much more knowledgeable about the students than Jackie, she felt intimidated. According to Dettmer et al. (2013), many teacher allow uncomfortable situations to deter the need to resolve critical issues in a timely manner. Jackie neglected to have a timely collaborative meeting to inform the parties concerned about her observations and the substantiated reasons for the necessary changes. This way would have been more amicable and respectful to the parties involved and more likely resulted in their approval and willingness to cooperation. What would you have done differently at different points along the way to avoid where she ended up? I would handle the different issues separately. First, I would praise the paraprofessional for a job well done and their knowledge about the students. Then l would let the paraprofessional know that I would be observing her relationship with the students and only major concerns would be addressed at our next meeting, a couple days later and at a convenient time for the general education teacher. At that meeting, I would start by acknowledging the paraprofessionals love for our students, but they must be mindful of their role in the inclusion classroom. Then I would introduce the concept of fading and its importance in helping students to become independent. Their love for the students should translate into wanting them to become self-sufficient in the
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