Where Do Babies Come From?

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Where Do Babies Come From? "Uncle Merle, where do babies come from?," Six year old Jasper asked the man sitting beside him, who just so happened at that exact moment, to be taking a drink of water. There was a choking sound and water spewed from his mouth. Jasper quickly raised his hand up and slapped him on the back. It’s what mama and daddy always did when he got choked. Merle waved his hand away, “Jesus Christ boy! Don’tcha have parents to ask these sorta questions ta?” he sputtered, wiping the water from his chin. ”Give a man some warning fer ya go and ask shit like that.” Jasper giggled at him, “Sorry…” he sheepishly said. Maggie and Glenn had recently added on to their family with a baby boy of their own, Jasper who had never seen…show more content…
Go find them. I got thangs ta do.", Merle said, chuckling to himself as he watched him run towards the prison entrance. A damn fine Dixon indeed. _______________________________________________________________ Daryl gently laid her down on their bed, and ran his hand down her sweat glistened torso. She made a whimpering sound in her throat and arched her back, the action pressing her breasts in to his face. This fuckin’ woman was tryin’ to kill him. Carol raised her hands up and tangled them in his shaggy hair, dragging his head down to her breast. He got the message loud and clear. He bent his head down and nuzzled her breasts, “Mmmm…mine,” he growled softly before slipping the pretty pink nipple between his lips. He flicked his tongue over her gently, sucking her into his mouth. He released her with a pop. "Daryl, please…" she mewled softly in to his ear. Her eyes were glazed with pleasure, and her face was flushed with fever. He gently kissed his way down to her stomach, and smiled up at her with a smirk before diving his head between her thighs. This fuckin’ man was trying to kill her. His tongue slipped inside of her, giving her long dragging licks. Penetrating her with hot strokes. “Daryl,” she moaned, grabbing his head, pushing her hips up in to his face. She was fuckin’ delicious. Just when she was about to orgasm, Daryl moved up her body. He flipped her over on to her knees and thrust inside her, both of them yelling at
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