Where Do I Start?

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Well where do I start, because I know he did a lot of things to me throughout the past two years that I would just ignore and forgive him for, but this was the straw that broke the camel 's back ... On the night of Tuesday, January 6th, 2015. He had phoned my house asking me to come and drink with him, even though I had court the next morning. I obliged and waited for him and his uncle to pick me up, which they did. So after a while of drinking with him he started to get agitated and tense, mostly due to him expecting me to just show up and make him the center of attention, constantly talk about him like I 'm some sort of sycophantic wing-man (basically sit there waste my time and talk all about him, like he just saved the fucking world from impending doom) so he can "get pussy", but I didn 't so he started to get visibly annoyed by that, mostly because Alanna O ' Laney 's attention towards him somewhat waned as she was on her social media account using his uncle 's desktop personal computer. So after a while he started to ramble on and blame me for trivial things and naming my mother as a "Rat" and a few muttered sentences after he unjustly referred to my step-brother as a "Faggot" and then continued to ramble all sorts of verbal bile. (that was when I thinking to myself "why am I wasting my time here with somebody that is obviously trying to take advantage of me? I mean there is really no reason associate with someone who is not going to be of any benefit in the long

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