Where Do We Go After Ferguson?

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“Here we are black people yet again faced with the magnitude of our need and the inadequacy of our resources trying to make ends meet. Trying to begin again” (Cooper). For a very long time blacks had been trying to survive since before slavery. It hasn’t been light on the black populations because no matter what is being done, there is always the white supremacy in the way trying to hold the black nation down into captivity. Black people not in any way have no justice because blacks do not grasp how to build a relationship each other. The white men all fear the day that the black nation/ all blacks/all Africans would unionize. Overthrow those who been had them in oppression and haul what is theirs, that is everything. Even though segregation has been fought for so long, it seems as if it still exists. However, in the article Where Do We Go After Ferguson? by Michael Eric Dyson, Professor Dyson 's points on the racial divide in America are valid. In most sense, I believe that blacks are targeted by the system, the government system. Throughout the article, Dyson discussed Barack Obama 's precarious position as a black president. The issues he brought up were Obama has to balance his position on issues equaling to the Ferguson incidents between racial lines. The President Obama tries to narrate his lives compared to black people, nevertheless I fail to detect the validity of that. The problem is that the ordinary black individual possesses his protections against the inhumane
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