Where Does Our Stuff Come From?

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Global Change Where does our stuff come from? Introduction – Globalisation is a repetitive cycle that connects people, religions, and countries together to form interconnected relationships all around the globe. Year 8 semester 2 geography have been collecting where the things we eat, do and wear come from. Through this process we have learnt that many products that are made in different countries are used all around the world. This investigation was undertaken so that us year 8 students can develop an understanding of globalisation through the products that we used daily in our lives and or households. Methodology – To gather our information, students in our class were given a survey to fill out at home based on the following foods, clothing, entertainment and electrical. The products were categorized into 4 boxes, the name of the product, the brand, and the country of manufacture and the country of ownership of brand. We looked for common household products and researched the head quarters if necessary. Mrs Barr put the information together by setting up an XL document and asking the class to put all their findings into the table. Then as a class we analysed the survey results by giving a percentage to the top five countries of manufacture, we also did the same with the country of ownership of brand. Findings and Results- In our class a variety of patterns were displayed. As a class we had many different countries mentioned in the survey. Although the main countries

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