Where Have You Gone By Joyce Carol Oates

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Joyce Carol Oates “Where have you gone, Where have you been” demonstrates a dysfunctional relationship amongst a family towards a young lady, Connie, bringing about a dispute as to whether the “Where have you gone, where have you been?” includes biblical references and irony. Using prior knowledge one may conclude that the short story may sounds as if a person is searching for themselves on a journey unknown to take past experiences and learns to use them as a future reference in where to go next. Oates, known as a feminist who focuses her work on the issues that women deal within her short stories, has produce over thirty short story pieces while also given the award of PEN “lifetime of literacy award” (“Joyce Carol Oates Biography”). Although the novels were successful, short stories were the foundation of Oates writing career. “Where have you gone, where have you been” take an issue such as kidnap and rape and evaluates it A hidden code within each passage, when a man that lust over Connie, Arnold Friend, appears at her house while her family is away. Connie is a young girl that enjoys the company of her friends and is often talk down to by her mother, praising her older sister for acts down around the house and how she conducts herself. It may be concluded that Connie is more please with going out with her friends rather than being compared to her sister, therefore Connie goes out during most of her summer to do just that: “Connie slit her eyes at him and turned away,
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