Where Have You Have Atlantis Gone Wrong?

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Have you ever wanted to go to Atlantis? In your mind you might be thinking of an underwater paradise with magical creatures surrounding you, but what if something happened to Atlantis it was renounce, irretrievable and everything goes downhill? In the underwater Atlantis gone wrong you will experience what that might be like in a closed in tube and experience many different types of science terms you might not even know about in this underwater roller coaster. I this ride at the beginning you will be at constant speed until you reach the first room of terror after you enter you will come to a complete stop. Here you will have water splashed on you, you will be surrounded by a virtual reality with dangerous fish attempting to attack you . Next…show more content…
After leaving the second room you will be at constant speed going up another hill when you have most potential energy that leads you into the main room in the castle, then you will be surrounded by more virtual reality and more sea creatures fighting, ships above will be polluting the area, jump scares moreover, a lot of other exciting thrills. After leaving the main room you fall down into a few intense turns during these turns and curves you will excperiance and curves at your highest acceleration representing your trying to get out of the dangerous main room as soon as possible to prevent anything dangerous happening to you.. At the bottom of those curves you'll have the most kinetic energy from the steepness of the hill. From here on, you're going back up another hill where your car works correspondingly from it being the steepest hill out of the whole ride most then at the end of your ride you will be experiencing inertia jerk to be shot out of the sky as a projectile. Then after being shot up to the sky you will fall back into the water falling slowly because the water acting as a resistance of the car you're
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