Where Have the Simple Days of Politically Informative Media Gone?

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The year is 1690. Richard Pierce and Benjamin Harris have recently published the first form of media in America, a newspaper titled: Publick Occurrences, both Foreign and Domestick. The newspaper was originally located Cambridge, England, but relocated to Boston, Massachusetts because Roman Catholics and Quakers considered some of the published material controversial. The writers intend to publish an issue once a month, unless any monumental event ensues sooner. However, the project does not play out as effortlessly as the writers hoped. Without proper authorization, colonial government officials suppressed the project, arrested the publishers, and destroyed all copies of the newspaper because they deemed the news too high of a nature for the people to read.
The Public Occurences was the first ingenuous attempt to report news to the public. This informed people on current issues, enabling them to form their own opinions about politics. Since 1690, the media’s approach to reporting news stories has shifted. Instead of offering people the truth, forms of media like television often distort political affairs to align with their own political agendas. With the shift in the media’s tactics of tackling current events, the public’s perception of the media has transformed. Back in 1690, any form of media was a blessing because it kept the public cognizant. Today, people take for granted a constant flow of information because it is so readily available. Overall, the incessant and

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