Where I Experienced Excessive Tension

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Dialect tensions are inconvenient in relationships but are impossible to avoid. One relationship where I experienced excessive tension was with an ex-girlfriend. The relationship started of amazing but eventually miniscule problems developed into a vast majority of relationship issues. Understanding the three types of different relationship dialects embedded meaning into my current and previous relationships. The tension in relationships made communicating and developing with one another difficult and had various risks in the relationship. The first relationship dialect I will discuss is autonomy/connection. This illustrates how in relationships that we value spending time together to connect in a more in depth way. I experienced this in many of my own and others relationships. There are times when we enjoy spending time with our significant other, however; we do not want to spend every waking second with them. Many people value their independence and prefer to find a middle ground so they can spend some time together and also spend time with other people or by themselves. One example with an ex-girlfriend was that we would spend every weekend together and eventually we did not continue to connect with each other. We did not have any deep conversations and it would mostly be small talk that was not meaningful. With the relationship ending up this way I tended to value time alone to just think if my needs were met and if I was just acting appropriate or immature. I enjoyed
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