Where Is All Of The Money Going? Essay

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Where Is All of The Money Going?
Where does all of the money go from the state and federal government that is given to the school district in the name of education for our children? This has long been a debated topic among teachers, administrators, and county stakeholders. Some feel ever dime is spent and accounted for accurately. However, there are others who say “there must be a hole in the bottom of the bucket because our children are not getting what they need or deserve.” In this paper we will look at the issue of schools and money for you to decide whether that money is being spent wisely or not.
Where Is All of The Money Going? “States and school districts are facing unprecedented financial pressure due to the continued poor performance of the United States’s economy.”(Picus, L., & Odden, A., p. 292) The lack of money to meet all of the obligations for special education students required by the state and federal governments is a theme that resonated throughout the county during interviews conducted with various individuals including administrators, teachers, and stakeholders of the Camden County, Georgia School System. Camden County Board of Education Kingsland, Georgia Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended 2015 including Auditor’s Report acquired from the Central Office of the Board of Education the Camden County, Georgia Public School System reported that it had $81,300,000 in expenses relating to governmental activities. A report…

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