Where Is It Written By Adam Schwartz Essay

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Where Is It Written”, by Adam Schwartz, is a story about Sam who’s thirteen that lives with his mother Sandra. First Sam visits his father for two weeks in late August. Then he wrote his mother Sandra a letter regarding his decision on staying with his father. Finally, his mother Sandra received his letter and called his father house to speak to Sam about him wanting to live with his father and to reject him to live with his father. Coming of age is an important theme in which they take up for their actions. Sam came of age because he realize his mother Sandra isn 't who he thought she was. To begin, this story takes place in New Jersey. The author introduces Sam who is dealing with his mother Sandra. His solution to this problem is to persuade his father to sue. The author explains that he wanted to move with his father. The author also introduces us to Phyllis who is Sam’s father wife, which is now sam’s stepmother. The author mostly focuses on Sam and his mother Sandra the relationship between the two. Such as the shouting, smoking, bringing in different boyfriends every week. Also about the letter that Sam wrote his mother regards of his decision. “Everything!The cooking, the cleaning,the shouting . Everything!”[Schwartz pg. 87]. This quote refers back to the article about his mother Sandra. The most important detail provided by the author in the beginning of the story are important because they demonstrate that Sam persuades his father to sue his mother so
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