Where Is the Voice Coming from?

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Milena week 8 Where Is the Voice Coming From? – Rudy Wiebe

Themes: - Relationship with the past; - dying of the nation – loss of community - the problem of history – objective, impartial? - Fact/fiction - The first Nation’s/the white - The journalist - Almighty voice – visionary This is a short story by Rudy Wiebe in which we have as the main theme the relationship btw the FNP, or the indigenous people, and the white settlers. The event that is being described – a young Indian guy that is in the story referred to as the Almighty Voice, stole a cow and then he was prosecuted for that, there was a kind of chase for him, and they made a
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We don’t participate in these events; we are spectators, not elements in what goes on. The point is to make your own judgments deducing on what happened in the story, because we are not to form our believes basing it just on the facts.

“Presumably…be expected.” Negde su te cinjenice kontradiktorne, negde su neke pomenute a neke ne, a negde imate taj porast u nekim cinjenicama kada se prenosi sa kolena na koleno. Even if we have official documents, they are not to be trusted because they sometimes contradict each other, sometimes we miss information, sometimes we have plenty of information. He is a journalist set up on this quest to make a story of what really happened. He goes to the place it happened and, in journalistic fashion, he enumerates all the things that are necessary for a good journalist to make a report. (Who, where, when, why, how…). He is determined not to believe in this official version of the story, because, when he read it, he intuitively sensed that there is sth more into it. He was not satisfied. He is willing to find a truth about this event on his own. There is a list of all the protagonist that took part in the story – One Arrow, Spotted Calf… then the members of the white settlers – Constable, Sergeant… and the person who is known as the Almighty Voice, the main protagonist.

“But hearing…such hearing cannot be enough.” That is not enough to form your
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