Where Lives Of The Saints By Nino Ricci And The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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What makes reading so unique? There are several reasons as to why reading can be so interesting. It allows our brain to go wild and live a thousand lives. We are given the opportunity to live a different life and understand what life is like in another person’s shoes. Reading several books also gives you the chance to compare and contrast books. For example, I have been reading two novels with a clear theme of tragedy. The novels I read where Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci and The Color Purple by Alice Walker. In these stories I was able to recognize the common theme and I was also able to look at the several similarities and differences in the book. Overall, in this essay, I will be comparing Cristina from Lives of the Saint to Celia…show more content…
This is seen as a sin in her community, which shows us that she is not religious. This is very different to Celia’s character because she is someone who is very religious. Celia believes that god is in everything and believing in god can lead to happiness. Celia’s religiousness is shown throughout the novel because she begins all her letters with “Dear God.” Celia’s religiousness is also shown because she goes to church. This is shown in the text when it states “ The women at church sometime nice to me. Sometime not.” (Walker 43) This quotation shows us that Celia is at church, which is something that Cristina would never do. Cristina would never think about going to church because of her beliefs towards religiousness. However, even though Celia’s view change throughout the middle of the story where she stops writing to god she is once again able to recognize that god is very important with the help of Shug. Cristina however is a character who saw god as evil throughout the entire novel. She never followed the rules of her religion whereas Celia would always follow the rules of her religion. Overall, the beliefs and values of Celia and Cristina are very different when it comes to their view on religion. Cristina is a character who does not believe in god or follow the rules of her religion while Celia is a character who believes that god is very important.

There were also many similarities I
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