Where My World Began Essay

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Charles Maclean Mrs. Burton ENG 3U March 18th 2013 A Small Prairie Town Margaret Laurence describes the basis of her views on the world in her autobiographical essay “Where the World Began” to represent Canada. She states that her small prairie town constitutes the way she has formed her views. She uses the microcosm of her small town to show Canada's growth as a country through her childhood memories , the seasons of her small town, and where you are raised affects your perspective on the world. Just as Canada is a child of Uncle Sam and Lady Britannia, and is greatly influenced by both, Laurence finds her childhood is the basis from which she gained her views on the world,in the same way Canada's mistakes as a country formed the…show more content…
With this realization she is able to focus on the winters and springs of Canada rather than the summers. All the happenings of this small town truly helped Laurence form her views on the world. Laurence has grown up carrying all aspects of her childhood with her which have formed her views. Canada has grown as well, deciding to learn from their mistakes for the betterment of society. Laurence grew up in “a world which formed [her], and continues to do so, even while [she] fought it in some of its aspects,”(Laurence 332). Laurence recognizes that both her and Canada have their negatives, but it is the negatives that helped them form their views by helping them understand this they are able to embrace the characteristics that make them each unique. Canada like Laurence, was forced to face the hardships involved with growing up. However, the black marks in history does not define Canada , it is how Canada learns from their mistakes and moves forward. Laurence explains through her microcosm of a prairie town that along with growth comes the formation of perspective that will forever affect one's future decisions . Maclean 3 Work Cited Laurence, Margaret. “Where the World Began.” Viewpoints 11.Joseph,Amanda and Mathieu, Wendy. Toronto : Prentice Hall, 2001.
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