Where The Magic 's At

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“Where the Magic’s At”

Each time spent there is different. The people I’m with are different, the conversations, and the adventures. Whether I’m with my extended family, whose first time it was being at Disneyland or with my cousins and friends from youth group, and doing things I’ve never done before. Like riding the horseless carriage, or going to Toon-town and visiting Minnie’s house. Then there was a time where my family had a little vacation and stayed at Disneyland for three days. And then there are the times, that you make a spontaneous decision with your sisters one summer, and decide to get an annual pass, to fill your weekends with things to do. I found myself eating at the Carnation café, eating the famous Mickey waffle and
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Next she took the I-605 S and then the I-5 for Santa Ana. Car rides at times can be awkward depending on who you’re with. Sometimes silence fills the air, with its presence. Other times silence doesn’t make itself known. This car ride was different, we chatted away about our favorite rides at Disneyland, how our winter break has been, and how it had been way too long since we’ve last seen each other. Suddenly silence, showed up but not in the way that we expected. Shortly after, everyone was closing their eyes and taking a nap, as we realized that we had a long day ahead of us. Upon this, we arrived at the park at around 8, and were greeted by millions of cars. There were cars from myriads of different places. Cars from Arizona, Colorado, Utah and even London! After what felt like hours, we finally found a parking spot at the Goofy structure and headed down to the escalators to get our bags checked. While we were in line, our older sister pointed out that Cassandra, Grace and I were matching in our green parkas and grey hoodies. We laughed about the fact that Aylin didn’t get the memo as she was donning a brown leather jacket. Thereafter, we embarked on the tram that took us to the front gates of Disneyland Resort.

Now for those of you who probably don’t know what Disneyland is, its an amusement park located in always sunny Southern California. It first opened on July 17th, 1955. The concept for Disneyland came about when Walt Disney (the founder of the
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