Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

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“Where the Wild Things Are” is an illustrated story by Maurice Sendak intended for children. This story clearly narrate the targeted audience – the children – the story of Max, a disobedient boy who ran away from home after being scolded vehemently by his mother. Due to Max’s reckless behavior, his mother furiously “sent him to bed without eating anything” (Sendak 8). After living together with the scary monsters in a place called Where the Wild Things Are, Max decided to return home since he could not find an ultimate happiness. The moment he wanted to return to his home, he smelled his mother’s delicious cooking. The irresistible smell of his mother’s cooking has somehow amplified his desire to come home, leaving his monstrous friends behind. When he reached home, his mother has prepared a lovely supper for him. After I finished reading the whole story of “Where the Wild Things Are”, I reflected myself and realized how related this story is with my recent life as a Muslim. I managed to recognize tons of relationship in terms of similarities and differences between me, as a Muslim, and Max, the main character in “Where the Wild Things Are” – prohibition from eating and drinking, leaving bad habits and practicing good deeds, and the presence of the wild things. The ninth month of Islamic calendar – the holy month of Ramadhan – has just ended. During Ramadhan, all Muslims around the world were obligated to fast. For the total of 30 days, Muslims were prohibited from eating
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