Where Wizards Stay Up Late

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Where Wizards Stay up Late

Where Wizards Stay up Late, the Origins of the Internet. Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon walk us through the beginnings of the Internet. The authors will talk about how a computer-engineering firm produced the first prototypes of the "Arpanet," and how a group of men made the Internet as we know it today. It tells the intriguing story of how the technology for the Internet was devised. In many respects, it is very much a "behind-the-scenes" kind of documentary.
When thinking about the Internet, one always appears to assume that the development of computer technology has been driven by a few giants of the industry. Indeed, we always assume that it is the big people that made it. And yet, the truth is very different. The authors show us how many of the developments surrounding the Internet were brought about with the support and often the leadership of the government. Indeed, it was the government funding that made a lot of these realities possible. Thus, this is basically a case study of what the development of networking achieved.
In the book, we encounter the process of "packet switching," which is a technique in which a digital message is broken up into smaller "packets" that can be routed separately through a network to their destination. This is how the Internet was discovered.
The two authors follow the story from the conception of the idea of "packet switching" in the early 1960s to the creation and development of the Internet. We see how one

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