Where have the Children Gone?

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Darkness descended, the fog drifted through the dark streets and a chilling wind whistles pass the sleeping homes; the street of old houses looked dull and unwelcoming, an eerie presence had settled in. The old woman walked leisurely to the top of the street, she held her cane firmly in her old dark and aged hand, she hit the ground twice. The hollow sound echoed around like a tremor. She then used it to take her weight. Her bulged eyes scanned the darkness as the fog crept in, it was then she saw a black mass forming into the figure of a man, they walked closer. The tall figure, he was dressed in an old black suit, his old pale featureless face appeared from the darkness, he stood motionless. She acknowledged his presence as he knelt on his cane and she saw the golden handle, she looked up and he took off his hat and acknowledged her in a deep yet strong voice. "Welcome," "I heard your calling, the children are waiting," Said the woman, "Time has come; paths shall now cross as they come to seek the truth. However, he shall also rise," "There is talk around town; but no one has worked out what’s happening," "They will, Whittle has already begun piecing the clues together; everything shall become clear as the innocent returns. The diary is hidden, if he finds it the children shall progress," Said the man "I understand, my duty is the children," she hesitates looking down then up, "What about me?" asked the Woman nervously, yet she knew the answer, but she had to know.
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