Where in the World Is Disney Essay

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Presented by: Team Leader: Thea Sestoso S4037357 Researcher 1: Chris Xu S3885083 Researcher 2: Sebrina Liu S3885020 Researcher 3: Cindy Sun S3884822 Researcher 5: Joseph Dib S4027668 Presented to: Carol (Seminar 11 for BFP1101 Professional Development) Executive Summary: This report provides in depth information about the location of the next location for Disney Land. It analyses, evaluates, and provides recommendation for the expansion of Disney Land in the three chosen cities; Barcelona, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The method of analysis included an in depth research of all three chosen cities in consideration…show more content…
Disneyland is one of the businesses that need to deal with culture changes all the time. Disneyland has opened to North America, Latin America, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong since 1955 (David 2006). However, Disneyland suffers a big loss in Paris while reaches a big success in Tokyo. How could this happen? Disneyland has considered demographics, geographic and customer behaviors into strategy making for Paris, but it did not provide alcohol in theme park in the country where drinking wine for lunch. Disney invested money to set up grand hotels for visitor without thinking about that Europeans visit Disneyland only for day excursions (Barnett & Cavanagh 1994). By contrast, Disney in Tokyo designed Cinderella's Castle Mystery Tour for Japanese specially and provided part-time and full-time jobs which were suitable for Japanese employees instead of inflexible working hours in Paris. It can be seen that Disney’s failure in Paris was caused by resistance of ‘American views’. Thanks to the good understanding of culture differences, Disney got a success in Tokyo. Accordingly, Disney should attach strong importance to learning the culture in the place to which it want to expand. 1.3 Cultural Considerations Disney Must Take into Account for Expansion: Culture is an aggregation but not only one unit. To understand culture differences better we should figure down every single part of the culture. First of all, religious beliefs must be taken
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