Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller Essay

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Callie Quinn is the main character in the book “Where the Stars Still Shine.” In the beginning of the book Callie is very insecure, lonely, and sad. Living with her mom traveling from place to place hiding from the police causes Callie to feel insecure and scared. Trish Doller reveals the insecurity and loneliness of Callie Quinn by Callie’s actions of not wanting to go to school and running away. She runs away a lot to try to think about her future. “I wish you wouldn’t run off to that laundromat in the middle of the night, Callie.”(6) She doesn’t have any friends and she only has her mom who smokes, gets drunk, and is a poor role model for Callie which causes Callie to be sad and to have a poor life. Callie has never been to school and…show more content…
The main idea of the book “Where the Stars Still Shine” is about how Callie Quinn’s life is affected when her mom kidnaps her after Callie’s parents divorce. As a child, when her parents were married she had a normal and happy life. “He was hugging me when I was little. I was jumping off the porch steps of wherever we were living when the three of us lived together. I fell off the third step and skinned my knee. Greg was there to pick me up and wipe away the tears. We were a happy family.” (186) Callie reflects on the good times of when she was a young child. Her mom kidnapped her after the divorce because she thought her dad, Greg, would never let her mom see Callie. Callie’s life with her mom consisted of traveling from apartment to apartment. Callie was often left uncomfortable as her mom went or had dates with strange men. “I can’t sleep when she brings men home so I pull on my dirty jeans and cram on my feet into untied sneakers. Up on Union Avenue I duck into the empty Super Wash.” (2) This goes on throughout Callie’s life as a teenager. At age 17, her mom is caught and arrested. Callie is reunited with her dad and her life begins to change for the better. When she first sees her dad, she is scared and confused by him. She hasn’t seen him in 12 years. “All these years I’ve believed my father didn’t love me, that the only reason he wanted me was so that my mom couldn’t have me.” (19) She soon realizes through conversations with her dad
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