Where to Turn in Case of an Emergency

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I. Preparation
A. Communications
1. Command central
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the lead agency when responding to disasters from a federal perspective. In a large-scale disaster such as a strong hurricane, FEMA will oversee the response operations and assist the local, county, and state emergency management agencies as needed. FEMA will receive regular updates on the status of the hurricane and broadcast the information out to the affected states in order to provide a prompt response. In case of evacuation, previously established evacuation plans would be utilized to remove people from the impacted area. The state and local emergency management agencies will assist in disseminating the information to the affected areas. In general, plans should be implemented to call in all emergency responders to be ready for response and recovery operations.
The American Red Cross (ARC) will provide emergency assistance as needed including fixed or mobile feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, blood products, clothing, emergency transportation, home repairs, household items, and medical supplies.
Additional assistance for long-term recovery may be provided when other relief assistance and personal resources are not adequate to meet recovery needs. The American Red Cross (ARC) also provides referrals to the government and other agencies providing disaster assistance.

2. Chain of Command

Emergency Management Agencies in each city
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