Where to Visit in Taiwan

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Taiwan, Formerly called the Island of ‘Formosa' (Portuguese for 'beautiful'), Taiwan is relatively small country of over 23 million people, and there are several parts north, west, south and east. The capitol city, Taipei, is at the north; the crowd is always a charming part of the city. You can always see people. Taipei has established its reputation as a gourmet's paradise; it is also home to new boutique hotels and trendy bars. Also Taipei 101 was once the world's tallest building in 2004. Also, on roads the traffic is always safe, even though scooters drive alongside each other. Buses, taxis and MRT are used by people day by day. However, the city has some similarities to other big cities around the world, pressure and rush hours. On the other hand, Taipei is developing itself into a more technological and environmentally friendly city, with the architectures, buildings, city planning program to the tech world of Taiwan, they are constantly improving; the country has also brought together a diverse group of people, the sceneries and sporting activities and festivals are truly exciting and unique too. Also, the food in Taiwan is the most varied on earth. So a trip to Taiwan will be unforgettable.
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The most popular places in Taiwan is the city, Taipei, you
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