Wherefore Art Thou, Father?

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Wherefore Art Thou, Father? Many children throughout time suffer from the trauma of being born to a parent that does more to hurt their child than to help them grow. Parents are crucial to the development of a child’s mental well-being and confidence to become the best version of themselves. Without the guidance, wisdom, and understanding that only comes from a parent, children from that background have a harder time with stability of the mind and life. Instability on both the interior and exterior can only lead to the buildup of many emotions that could corrupt with the slightest trigger. Many do not know how to express their feelings yet some channel their emotions through writing including poems. In “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath, she portrays how an abusive parent can severely affect the mentality of an adult from the trauma of their childhood through the use of allusions, similes, and diction. Her writing allows others to connect to her feelings of mistreatment, anger, and abandonment that she associates with her father. Henceforth, Plath decided to use the Nazis and their dictator as allusions to her father’s behavior during the time of her childhood. An allusion is a reference to something outside of a poem that carries a history of meaning and a strong emotional connection. Plath uses the Nazis and their dictator as the references in her poem because they carry historical and emotional significance when one thinks about suffering and cruel treatment. The speaker
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