Where's the Curtain? Blurred Lines in Betrayal

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Some people go to the theater for the story. Others go for the actors. In the case of the 2013 Broadway production of "Betrayal" I, along with countless of other individuals, are guilty of the latter. Having not seen the play prior to the performance, I was intrigued knowing that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz, who are married in real life, were to play an on-stage married couple. Such a casting decision does wonders for publicity, but now having read the text, I question if it does any justice for the play and how it affects the way that the audience views Emma and Robert's relationship. In what Ben Brantley of the New York Times calls a "sexed-up" version of Pinter's play, the 2013 Broadway revival reveled in presenting alternative views of the text which ultimately left little room for personal interpretation. The end of Scene 4 depicts a moment where Craig and Weiz's real-life relationship eclipses Emma and Robert's. Initially, we are able to view the characters with perfect clarity. Weiz portrays Emma as wounded and unwanted, a fair choice, given her lack of lines in the text. As Robert and Jerry talk, she is for the most part, entirely forgotten. Craig however comes off as a hyper-sexualized version of Robert. Capitalizing on Robert's hidden anger and hostility, he delivers his speech about squash and women as if to drive the wound into Emma even deeper than it already is. For someone that supposedly "doesn't give a shit" about Emma or the affair, this comes off as a

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