Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid or Not

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Every year, there is a big debate on whether or not college athletes should receive pay for their play. The reasons and rhetoric to why they should be paid are enticing; players are the ones who earn the money for the schools, playing a sport at a major Division 1 University has the effect of a full-time job, the players are treated as slaves by their schools’ sports program. Although they exist in great number, these reasons for “pay for play” are invalid and are outweighed by the opposing side of the argument. In order to understand this controversy, a short lesson on key terms and concepts is necessary. First, the organization which this argument involves is called the NCAA, which stands for National Collegiate Athletic…show more content…
Continuing with this big picture view, college athletic salaries are bad news for the quality of collegiate sportsmanship. President of the NCAA, Myles Brand, once stated, “If you start paying athletes, you essentially ruin the integrity of the college game.” What Mr. Brand means by this is that once the motivation of the player is changed to a fixed monetary value rather than the pride and passion of the sport, college athletics become devalued and the level of sportsmanship among players alike is dismantled. A Division I board of director chairman and Chancellor at the University of Kansas agreed with Brand is stating, “even if born of the best intentions, pay for play is the worst of ideas.” This director compares the situation to a “slippery slope” in which college sports would eventually fall to corruption, with new questions and debates being raised and athletes becoming enveloped with the idea of “gaining more money” instead of “winning more games” Those in favor of collegiate athletic salaries will continue to advance the same argument. Rod Gilmore, an ESPN spokesman in favor of college athletic salaries shares his take on the debate. He reports that several feel as though college athletes are taken advantage of and deserve a cut in the money they draw into the schools. It is no wonder they feel this way, as the NCAA is a

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