Whether or Not Quotas for Job Applicant Selection Are a Solution to Racial Inequality in the United States

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In this essay I will consider whether or not quotas for job applicant selection are a solution to racial inequality in the United States of America. In considering this subject I will rely on In Defense of Quotas by James Rachels who argues that the use of Quotas is justifiable in certain circumstances. First I will qualify my use of the word race and clarify what I mean when I reference racial equality. Then I will present an argument that quotas will not work as the sole solution to racial inequality. After this I will support a premise for my main argument which is that not all of the races are equivalently qualified for potentially equivalent jobs. After this I will consider a possible objection to my argument which is that quotas…show more content…
Thus it seems that as Rachels presents them, quotas, although justifiable, most likely would not solve the inequality of wealth between different groups of people unless groups are equally qualified for jobs. If this is true, then, although quotas could do some good, they would not make our current system drastically less biased towards the preference of peoples from majority races. It seems to be the case that racial groups are not equally qualified for jobs, because further education is a major qualification for a job and it is not currently the case that different racial groups are equally prepared for further education after high-school. According to a study by Rachel E. Durham and the Baltimore Education Research Consortium “The average person with a bachelor's degree earns almost twice as much as a high school graduate and nearly triple that of someone who did not finish high school. The unemployment rate for people with bachelor's degrees is about one-third that for non-high school graduates and one-half that of high school graduates” (Durham). Therefore, it seems to be the case that if someone is accepted into a college, can pay for college, and can pass all of their college classes, then, in most cases, that person has, or will have a college degree and therefore a major qualification for a job. This major qualification for a job can allow its recipient to have access higher paying jobs and to have a lower rate of

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