Which Branch of Government is more Powerful?

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There are many debates concerning which branch of government is more powerful. I honestly thought the executive branch was the least powerful of all three, but James Wilson lists a lot of reasons to think otherwise. The argument that the President and the Executive branch is the most powerful is still up in the air, but there are three strong reasons why the President and Executive branch is the most powerful at the moment. The president and the vice president are the only officials elected by the whole nation. The president is also head of state, as well as the chief executive of the government. The first reason why the executive branch is the most powerful is the power to persuade. The power to persuade alone is a huge reason why the president is powerful. What is even more powerful is who you persuade. The president tries to persuade three specific audiences: Washington D.C, party activists and office holders outside of Washington and the public. Persuasion is a huge deal because it gets people on your side, obviously. If the president can get the “right” people to go with his ideas, it creates a chain reaction. For example, in the movie “Lincoln”, Abraham Lincoln persuades people in office not really decided on what they feel about slavery. Same thing goes today. The president persuades three audiences and Washington is the most important. If the president has a bill that wants to get passed, he has to persuade the people of Washington to support him.
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